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Note: Level 2 Academy Early build is up.

Miracle Mia is a cute action-adventure platformer where the main heroine must fend off against an invading horde of extradimensional beings. Mia, with the aid of her tennis racket, must jump, defend and reflect the enemy's attacks right back at them, for her skills in tennis allows her to withstand and channel their projectiles against them. As well as reflecting their attacks, Mia can also harness her own power to create magic orbs that can aid her in battle. Along the way she is accompanied by a mysterious cat who can heal Mia if she falls. Using the skills of tennis, will Mia be able to overcome the trials ahead?

Install instructions

Unzip Mia.zip


Updated 8/20/16

Windows Smart Screen may prevent game from launching.

If so click on More Info,

then click on Run Anyway to launch game.

This will only happen once.


For more issues or comment please contact at



Mia.zip (44 MB)
miracle_mia_academy.exe (61 MB)

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