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Happy Holidays!

In celebration winter beginning, I am happy to release a small holiday-themed level of Miracle Mia!

On a long and snowy night, an unfortunate incident befalls Santa’s sleigh. A grumpy snowman, who is fed up with the holidays, throws a giant snowball at the sleigh, causing it to crash and scatter its presents throughout the woods. 

Two sisters witness this awful transgression and seek the aid of the Winter Deer, a mystical being of joy and wonder, who eagerly helps them seek the fallen presents to restore Santa’s sleigh before the night ends.

Play as the Winter Deer, armed with the Winter Miracle Racket, as she parries the Snowman's lackeys' attacks back at them. Use the Spirit Dash to transform from your human form into the Winter Deer to reach new heights and travel long distances. When things get tough, the sisters will have your back with the power of the Lucky Present, a magical gift that can either grant healing spells or bring more misfortune by summoning even more of the snowman’s lackeys.

Please enjoy this small gift until the full release of Miracle Mia! And have a wonderful New Year!

If Windows Smart Screen may prevent game from launching. If so click on More Info, then click on Run Anyway to launch game. This will only happen once. Enjoy.

For more issues or comment please contact at mia@shademare.com


Miracle Mia The Winter Deer.exe 112 MB

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wich Game Engine did u use? thanks

I love the atmosphere and style of the game. Volleying is also very satisfying!

Thank you!