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It seems that in the end it was all just a fever dream of a child who for some reason was trapped beneath the dead bodies after some accident happend...

When trying to launch in the itch client I get the error "Cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory !" but it launches fine if I show local files and play the exe. I liked the game a lot, very creepy with cool little mechanics. I went to save it at one point by pressing escape to bring up the menu and it killed the whole game so I didn't finish it but I'll get back to it later today since it's apparently quite short. 

Hey Dude! I wanted to know which video game engine did you use for this game


Clickteam Fusion the ending made no sense to me whatsoever. But it was still a cool little game.

When I try to run the game an error occurs that says "Cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory!"

Pretty fun.




Bit Defender blocked your game when I tried to open it. I'm sure it's a false positive but I just thought you should know.

The exe will not harm any compute. However it is still an unknown file so antivirus will still mark it. Still look in on how to fix this.