A downloadable game for Windows

Deep within the gruesome flesh, there is a hellish beast that can no longer rest. Blood and gore is where it thrives, and where little children go to die. But within the bowels of these here depths, a lone child lays there and rest. Will she live or will she die, that is up for you to decide. Maybe fate will play a cruel twist, in the tangle of flesh of the Bloodworms Abyss.

Install instructions

Unzip Bloodworm.zip

Windows Smart Screen may prevent game from launching. If so click on More Info, then click on Run Anyway to launch game. This will only happen once. Enjoy.

For more issues or comment please contact at dboose4@verizon.net


Bloodworm.zip (44 MB)


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Bit Defender blocked your game when I tried to open it. I'm sure it's a false positive but I just thought you should know.

The exe will not harm any compute. However it is still an unknown file so antivirus will still mark it. Still look in on how to fix this.