Controller Supported. Press E to turn off effects if experiencing slowdown.  
Dev Shadmare.
Sound from Freesound, RPGMaker.
Music Bushwick Tarentella and Duet Musette from Kevin Macleod

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i want so much more. This game is amazing and i want it to be a fully developed game


Thank you. I am currently working on another game for the second Magical Girl Jam. But, I'll think about expanding on this game later. 

Yo I took what I learn from Birth by Magic and made this. 


Great Game! Love the way the combat works (couldn't seem to pull off x+down though), and the aesthetic. However, I do have one question that I never got the answer to. WHERE THE HELL DOES THAT DAMN CAT STORE THE CONTRACTS AAAUUGGHHHH


I really enjoyed the game! That Madoka-like art style and animation you used for it was truly awesome 

I'm really hoping you'd be willing to enter the next Magical Girl Game Jam hosted in a couple weeks!

Cool! Can you give me a link?

Yo thanks for telling me about the jam. Here are the fruit of my labor


I like the designs


I really liked the game! The enemies are creepy, but the fighting system is good enough that I managed to feel confident about facing them. It was fun, but I seem to have run into a glitch where Golden Jack got stuck in this corner...

Oops. Will def look into it. 


Super cool! Very atmospheric, it really felt like I was in a witch labyrinth! 



^_^ But on a more serious note, this is pretty good. I like the artstyle and the gameplay. It is a bit too easy to just abuse a certain strategy, however; I was able to deal with almost all the enemies just by running and then doing a heavy attack.

Also, I'm not sure if the issue was with my computer, but the music was very distorted (bad compression, I think?).

Anyway, great stuff!

Thanks! Part of the game came from and what if fan story I ponder over ever since the movie.  


Very nice! I loved it! Nice artstyle! And very satisfying gameplay!




That was very fun!



Thank you! \(^0^)/