Press E to turn off effects.

Dev Shadmare.

Sound from Freesound, RPGMaker.

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I really like the art! The gameplay feels a bit clunky to me... the animations feel like they're a bit too long and that leads to you getting hit more often in in instances where you otherwise wouldn't if the animations were either faster or had fewer frames. The returning to idle from standing animation seems to also play at a different speed than the other animations. Other than that, I think you made a cool game!


Thanks. I'll speed up the animation a bit. I want to make sure you feel the weight of the dragon but also not have it intrude on gameplay.


I think if you want to make the dragon feel weightier then in my opinion, it would be helpful to have the dragon jump with more force and fall faster... maybe even have a little dust cloud animation or camera shake when it lands. Little things like that could go a long way! I think it'll take a little tweaking but I think you'll be able to pull off having the movement feel a bit less clunky while still preserving the weight of the character! Good luck, looking forward to seeing an update if there's one in the making!


slows the entire browser down to a crawl.

So is the game chugging? or is it something else? Dose turning off the effects help? Also what is the spec on the computer?

Work PC, 2.83 Ghz, 4GB ram, effects off was the first thing I tried. (only browser seemed to be affected)

So was the game slow or your browser took a long time to load?

It play well on a Chromebook, here it spec 4GB 2400MHz LPDDR4 Non-ECC