A downloadable game for Windows

I spend a month working on this, but I had to put it on hold due to my busy work schedule. Even though this was just me playing around with a few ideas in my head, I spend a good deal of time working on it, so I'll send it here and maybe in the future when I have the time I'll come back to it.

The game is a simple platformer that plays around with multiple secret paths and a smooth flowing combat system.


Early Prototype

One stage, with 3 multiple paths.

2 bosses, Red devil and Centipede.

2 secret bosses.

Xbox360 controller compatible

Install instructions


Windows Smart Screen may prevent game from launching.

If so click on More Info,

then click on Run Anyway to launch game.

This will only happen once.


For more issues or comment please contact at



Beta World Blue.exe 15 MB

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